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please give me the answers for all questions, only the right answer without explanation

1) All of the following are considered functions of marketing, except:




Marketing research.

2) By the early part of the 20th century, supply caught up with and then exceeded demand, and businesspeople began to realize they would have to “sell” products to buyers, creating what type of orientation?

Marketing orientation

Production orientation

Sales orientation

Promotion orientation

3) In which marketing orientation did most businesspeople believe that the most important marketing activities were personal selling and advertising?

The sales orientation.

The production orientation.

The marketing orientation.

The social media orientation.

4) A market segmentation approach whereby a company develops one marketing strategy for a single market segment is called:

A concentration approach.

A total market approach.

Market segmentation.

A multi-segment approach.

5) Which approach to selecting a target market would most likely be used by General Motors in selling its cars and trucks?

Total-market approach

Concentration approach

Multi-segment approach

Target market

6) Which marketing environment force has led more people to purchase diet soft drinks rather than regular (full sugar) soft drinks?

Political, legal, and regulatory forces

Competitive and economic forces

Technological forces

Social forces

7) Which marketing function expedites the exchange process?

Risk taking.




8) Which of the following is the idea that an organization should try to satisfy customers’ needs through coordinated activities that also allow it to achieve its own goals?

Marketing concept

Marketing research

Market segmentation

Target marketing

9) The idea that an organization should try to satisfy customers’ needs through coordinated activities that also allow it to achieve its own goals is called:

A selling orientation.

The marketing concept.

The product-market concept.

The value equation.

10) Which of the following marketing functions may involve providing credit to expedite purchases?

Marketing research





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