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3.10 Learning About Other Countries (Objs. 2, 4)

When meeting business people from other countries, you will feel more comfortable if you know the basics of business etiquette and intercultural communication, such as greetings, attire, or dos and don’ts. On the Web you will find many resources, some more reliable than others.

Your Task. Visit the websites of Executive Planet and the International Business Center, or use a browser to search for International Business Etiquette. On the International Business Center website, for example, click the button Hofstede resource pages. This website provides analysis based on the renowned Dutch psychologist’s five dimensions of culture applied to each country. Peruse both websites and answer the following questions:

a. How do people greet each other in Australia, India, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and Spain?

 b. In what countries is it important to keep a certain distance from the person you are greeting?

c. In what countries is a kiss an appropriate greeting?



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