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Problem 8-1A Plant asset costs; depreciation methods LO C1, P1

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Timberly Construction makes a lump-sum purchase of several assets on January 1 at a total cash price of $830,000. The estimated market values of the purchased assets are building, $527,350; land, $288,550; land improvements, $49,750; and four vehicles, $129,350.

Problem 8-1A Part 1-3

1-a. Allocate the lump-sum purchase price to the separate assets purchased.
1-b. Prepare the journal entry to record the purchase.
2. Compute the first-year depreciation expense on the building using the straight-line method, assuming a 15-year life and a $31,000 salvage value.
3. Compute the first-year depreciation expense on the land improvements assuming a five-year life and double-declining-balance depreciation.


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