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Question 2- Beam-column design and check (65 marks) Check the adequacy of a 200UC46.2 of Grade 350 for columns (A-1) and (A-4) shown in Figure 2. Ignore the self-weight of the beams and columns. All beam-to-column and beam- to-shear wall connections in the east-west direction and in the north-south direction are pinned. All column-to-footing connections are also pinned. All columns are fully restrained only at the base and top of the second storey (roof level). A uniformly distributed permanent action (dead load) of G 20 kN/m and an imposed action (live load) of 0 8 kN/m is acts on all beams in the east-west direction and a uniformly distributed wind load of W the 2 kN/m acts on flange of column ( west direction are given in Figure 2 A-1) as shown in Figure 2 Details of the simple connections in the east- The minimum eccentricity requirement according to Clause 4.3.4 of AS4100 for simple connections only in the east-west direction should be considered. jr i
3 60 Mm 4 G. Q 20mm Detail-A Shear Wall A-4 N Flevs Detail A In-plane Beam-to-column connection 1 Shear Wal 00 0C46.2 A-4 A- nt i Plan (colume oricntation)


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