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Please show how to do in financial calculator like (B A II plus).

1)you’re trying to choose two different investments both of which have up front costs of 70000 investment a returns 125000 in five years investment B return 255000 in 11 years which of these investments has a higher return?

2)A new security pays a quarterly dividend of 1.75 in perpetuity. the first dividend occurs one quarter from today what is the price of the security if the stated annual intrrest rate is 9 percent compounded quarterly

3) You receive a credit card application offering a no payments for one year and an introductory rate of 2.4 percent per year compounded monthly for the first six months increasing thereafter to 18 percent compounded monthly assuming you transfer the 7500 balance from your existing credit card and make no subsequent payments how much interest will you owe at the end the first year?

Please show how to do in financial calculator like (B A II plus).


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