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The period of time
within which an investment made for a project is recovered by the cash inflows
of the project is known as the

O A. Period of return.

O B. Payback period.

O C. Discounted cashflow

O D. Period of gain.


If stock prices follow a sub martingale
process, we would expect returns on average to be

O A. Positive.

O B. Negative.

O C. Zero.

O D. Equal to the
risk-free rate.

The Internal Rate of
Return (IRR) criterion for project acceptance, under theoretically infinite
funds, is to accept all projects which have

O A. IRR equal to the cost
of capital.

B. IRR greater than the
cost of capital.

C. IRR less than the
cost of capital. O

D.IRR equal to zero.


A project may be
regarded as high risk when

O A. It has smaller
variance of outcome and a high initial investment.

O B. It has larger
variance of outcome and high initial investment.

O C. It has smaller
variance of outcome and a low initial investment.

D. It has larger
variance of outcome and low initial investment.


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