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Radisson Blu hotel is a leading hotel in Saudi Arabia, as an Office Assistant for the Radisson Blu hotel answer and complete the following Task according to organizational instructions.

Your Manager has informed you that you are responsible to create informative brochure and PowerPoint for potential visitors/guests. Also, you are required to input data to spreadsheets as given by HR Department and create comparison of different rooms and their charges for Operational Department.

You are also required to meet the Organizational House style policy for creating Word, Excel and Power point files for Radisson Blu as given in Appendix 1.



[U4 SLO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and SS 1, 2, 3, 4] [U1 SLO 1, 2, 3, 4 and SS 1-10]

  1. . Identify and describe requirements of Employee data Sheet in relation to data entry [U4 SLO 1.2]

Where will you safe and store the file?

Who would require reporting of the document?

How can you improve readability and presentation?

  1. Your manager has sent you spreadsheet for total gross salary of Radisson Blu employees mentioned as Appendix 2 and uploaded on Edmodo. Your task is to: [SS1]

i. Input the same information requirements by using and applying Cell styles, alpha and numeric keyboard functions as below in a new spreadsheet, ensure that design suits the purpose and audience.

Also make sure that you develop speed and accuracy to meet the responsibility for inputting data [U4 SLO 2.1, 2.3] [U1 SLO 1.2, 1.4]

  1. Title –Arial 16 Bold, blue color
  2. Heading 1 – Arial 12 bold- Black color.
  3. All other content – Arial 12 not bold only in black color.
  4. All currency must be shown with proper accounting format for currency as SAR.
  5. Insert Header as picture of Radisson Blu logo in center. Insert footer as your name in Arial 9 Bold.

ii. Ensure spreadsheet design improves readability and appearance. For this make sure all columns are set to appropriate size and cell layout for heading 1 is shown as ‘Wrap text’ and adjust page layout to ‘landscape’. [U4SLO 2.2] [U4 SLO 3.3]

iii. Insert a column before ‘Name’ and put heading as ‘S.No’. Create a serial number list using auto functions. [U4 SLO 2.3]

Take Screenshot of spreadsheet preview and paste below.



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