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George Buyer, seeing the market price falling, decidesto intentionally breach his contract with Jim Seller, and refuses to take the 100 chairs he promised to buy from Jim. Jim is able to sell the chairs to another buyer, John for a lesser amount of the falling market. If Jim then sues George for damage, which of the following generally CANNOT be recovered?a.Punitive damages to punish intentional contract breachesb.Incidental damages associate with a breach of contract, such as the cost of resalec.Compensatory damages to put Jim in the same position he would have been but for the breach by George, measured by the difference between the contract price with George and the amount of paid by Johnd.Consequential damages if Jim can prove lost opportunity cost suffered as a result of the breach, such as lost opportunitycosts for lost profits, etc., if such damages were foreseeable by George at the time the contract was made.


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