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  1. In a team of three to four people, discuss each of the situations and determine if you think the employee should receive immediate termination or a progressive discipline process, and provide justification for your responses:

    1. The employee stole one pack of office paper, stating he would be using it at home to perform his job.

    2. An employee posted how boring her job is on a Facebook status update. You know she is Facebook friends with several clients.

    3. The employee groped a colleague in the break room.

    4. You saw the employee’s résumé posted on LinkedIn, stating she was looking for a new job.

    5. The manager has told you the employee is difficult to work with and not liked by his colleagues.

  2. In teams of three to four, discuss the following situation: Your marketing manager has just told you she plans to dismiss her administrative assistant for nonperformance and needs help designing a severance package. The administrative assistant was with the organization for two-and-a-half years and his current salary is $35,670. What would you suggest he be offered? Discuss and be prepared to share your ideas with the class.


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