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Pretend you are the owner of one of the following types of businesses. For the business you choose, explain how you could use each targeting strategy (undifferentiated, concentrated, and multisegment) to promote your business to one or more market segment(s). (12 points)

An licensed independent interior designer

A landscaping and gardening service

A company that prints T-shirts and hats

A midsize printing company located in Madison, WI

A company that sells payroll processing software

A moving company

A law firm

A travel tour company

Hint: Before answering this question, review the example in the study notes comparing the ways a new restaurant might use undifferentiated, concentrated, and multisegment targeting strategies to promote its business.

Watch this two-minute video history showing McDonald’s evolution since it was founded in 1940 with a single location in California. Fast Company: 74 Years of McDonald’s Marketing in Two Minutes. (6 points)

Describe the marketing efforts McDonald’s made to target the “children” segment of the market. Do you believe it was successful in targeting children? Why or why not?

Describe the efforts McDonald’s makes to reposition its products to be seen as healthier. Do you believe it will be successful in changing consumer’s perceptions? Why or why not?


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