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8.23 Direct Claim: But It Doesn’t Work! (Obj. 3)

After you receive an unexpected bonus, you decide to indulge and buy a new HDTV. You conduct research to compare prices and decide on a Panasonic 42-inch Plasma HDTV Model TC-P42X1. You find a great deal at Digital Depot for $599.95 plus tax. Although the closest store is a 45-minute drive, the price is so good you decide it’s worth the trip. You sell your old TV to make room for the Panasonic and spend several hours installing the new set. It works perfectly, but the next day when you go to turn it on, nothing happens. You check everything, but no matter what you do, you can’t get a picture. You’re irritated! You are without a TV and have wasted hours hooking up the Panasonic. Assuming it’s just a faulty set, you pack up the TV and drive back to Digital Depot. You have no trouble returning the item and come home with a second Panasonic.

Again you install the TV, and again you enjoy your new purchase. But the next day, you have no picture for a second time. Now you are fuming! Not looking forward to your third trip to Digital Depot, you repack the Panasonic and return it. The customer-service representative tries to offer you another Panasonic, but you decline. You point out all the trouble you have been through and say you would prefer a more reliable TV from a different manufacturer that is the same size and in the same price range as the Panasonic. Digital Depot carries a Samsung (Model PN42B450B1D) that fits your criteria, but at $729, it is more than you had budgeted. You feel that after all the problems you have endured, Digital Depot should sell you the Samsung at the same price as the Panasonic. However, when you called to discuss the matter, you were told to submit a written request.

Your Task. Write a direct claim letter to Dennis Garcia, Manager, Digital Depot, 2300 Austin Street, Houston, TX 77074, asking him to sell you the TV for less than the advertised price.


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