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1. Why are short sentences and short paragraphs appropriate for business communication? (Objs. 4, 5)

2. Ethical Issue: Discuss the ethics of the indirect strategy of organization. Is it manipulative to delay the presentation of the main idea in a message?

3. 5.1 Sentence Types (Obj. 3)

Your Task. For each of the following sentences, select the number that identifies its type:

1. Simple sentence                      3. Complex sentence

2. Compound sentence              4. Compound-complex sentence

a. Americans pride themselves on their informality.

b. When Americans travel abroad on business, their informality may be viewed negatively.

c. Informality in Asia often equals disrespect; it is not seen as a virtue.

d. The order of first and last names in Asia may be reversed, and this causes confusion to Americans and Europeans.

e. When you are addressing someone, ask which name a person would prefer to use; however, be sure you can pronounce it correctly



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