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CASE 19-2: Delivering a Quality Vacation Experience Rebecca and Jacob DeNucci vacation with their family each summer on an island just off the coast of North Carolina. The island is a popular tourist area, with several large hotels and a ferry boat that brings people from the mainland to the island for day-long visits. Rebecca and Jacob began to think about ways they could use their time to make money during the summer. They considered the needs of the tourists visiting the island and decided to begin a guide service for people who wanted to explore the hills and forests of the island. They spent some time planning two different tours. The short tour would last one hour. It would be for people who wanted to see some of the beautiful spots on the island but were not prepared for extensive hiking. The long tour would take half a day and would include hiking over 5 miles. It was designed for more experienced outdoors people who wanted to study the plants, trees, and wildlife unique to the island. Rebecca and Jacob would provide the short tour to groups of 10 to 15 people at a rate of $2 per person. The long tour would serve four to eight people and would cost $10 per person. After planning, Rebecca and Jacob developed small posters and some business cards that described their guide service, listed the days and hours the tours were available, and gave their home phone number. They distributed their materials to the hotels and restaurants on the island and the mainland.

 THINK CRITICALLY 1. Do you think Rebecca and Jacob have done effective planning for their service business? What are some additional things they may want to consider before beginning the business? 2. Suggest ways that the DeNuccis can (a) help prospective customers understand the type and quality of their service, (b) ensure that customers get a high-quality service each time, and (c) provide the service to customers at an appropriate time and location. 3. Explain how Rebecca and Jacob can ensure they are providing quality service. 4. During the second summer, the DeNuccis’ business became extremely successful, and more tours were requested than they could personally lead. Now they are considering hiring other teenagers who also vacation on the island to lead the tours. What recommendations would you make concerning the qualifications and training of the new employees? 5. Describe what the DeNuccis can include in their advertising to convince potential customers that they are offering a quality experience.


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