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a)Your University Dean has been invited to present at a conference on the different approaches in formulating, implementing and administering code of ethics. You have been tasked by your Dean to prepare briefing notes on the two approaches. Produce such briefing notes explaining what are the two approaches including using examples as illustrations of the two approaches?

b)You have been recently appointed as the secretary of your local Chamber of Commerce. As one of your initial tasks, the President of the Chamber has asked you to propose a set of principles to be instituted as part of the chambers professional code for the members to abide by. Based on the following principles, draft a memo to your president, proposing a framework for the professional codes, explaining each of the following concepts and why these are important for each member to follow:
  1. Transparency
  2. ii. Objectivity
  3. iii. Professional competence and due care
  4. iv. Confidentiality
  5. v. Professional behaviour


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