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Read the situation which follows.

Bob Amparan is principal of a high school located in an area where the people are generally poor and from minority ethnic groups. His school receives a fixed amount of money from the school board for each student in attendance per day. Lately, the students’ average daily absenteeism rate has been around 15%. This represents a loss to the school of approximately $123,000 per school year.

Step 2: List what you feel are the causes of the absentee problem. Assume that the school board’s decision to pay each child in attendance is a fixed constant. This may cause a financial problem for the principal and school. Focus on the causes and solutions to the problem. Space has been provided on the next page.

Step 3: Describe what you would do to remedy the situation if you were the high-school principal. Be specific and assume you have the normal authority of a high-school principal.


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