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Design an investment portfolio that is appropriate for your client:

He is 60 years old and plans to retire within 5 years.

He has $4 million to invest.

He is primarily interested in creating steady income from the portfolio.

His goal is $120,000 per year.

He is also concerned about inflation and therefore wants the portfolio value and income to keep pace with inflation.

The portfolio must be diversified with stocks, bonds, cash, etc.

He is willing to assume a moderate level of risk. You must consider stock market risk and bond risk (e.g. duration): Please calculate the beta for each holding where available.

Please calculate duration for each where available.

All securities must be publicly traded securities. Mutual funds and ETFs must have at least a 5 year track record. Please show actual performance of portfolio for last 5 years.

Please show the allocation and annual income for each investment position in the portfolio.

Please include the following 3 “stress tests”:

10% decline in S&P 500 index, no change in interest rates

20% decline in S&P 500 index, no change in interest rates

0% decline in S&P 500 index and a 1% increase in interest rates

Please calculate the annual expenses in the portfolio (e.g. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds)

  • Performance (Stress Tests) need to include a securities level analysis. For example, each stock (or fund) should be tested against its’ respective Beta.
  • If you are including bond funds in your portfolio, you can easily get the Duration on the fund manager’s website.
  • If you are using CDs in the portfolio, you can assume the Duration is equal to the maturity date of the CD.
  • Remember, that your client wants the value of the portfolio to keep pace with inflation. This is why you should only use securities that have a track record of at least 5 years. You can assume that the future performance of the portfolio will be equal to the past performance.


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