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The management of one of the oldest home appliances store in the region is facing, since last year, many problems with the actual information system (mainly when producing various statistical reports). In fact, the main issue is related to independent master files used by different departments. Different attribute names and different coding schemes, along with same data repeated in many of these files, which made things worse.
In addition, the company has a problem with the management of its local area network. The traffic of communication between the computers is very high, because too many operations are performed each day. Thus, the communication is very slow and it takes a lot of time to complete the network operations. The computers are connected using hubs, and the average is one hub for each 16 computers.
The company is looking to use a new system to help in contracting the management size by lowering the expenses of extra employees. With this new system, the management can cut many of the expenses due to repetitive operations performed by the old system. Also, to save more in the hardware cost, the new system is based on using one server only, running as a database server, Web server, Mail server, and security server at the same time.

1) Which system can best help the company in solving the problem of the different and independent master files which are causing data redundancy and inconsistency?

2)What is the hardware trend addressed by the new proposed system (using only one server)?

3)What may be the solution for the problems of the company’s local area network?

4)The company wants to use a new information system to help in hiring less managers and lower the expenses of extra employees. This information system strategy is known as:?

(management information system )


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