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Kamada: UIA Japan (B). Takeshi Kamada, Credit Suisse (Tokyo), observes that the Â¥/$ spot rate has been holding steady, and that both dollar and yen interest rates have remained relatively fixed over the past week. Takeshi wonders if he should try an uncovered interest arbitrage (UIA) and thereby save the cost of forward cover. Many of Takeshi’s research associates and their computer models—are predicting the spot rate to remain close to Â¥118.00/$ for the coming 180 days. Using the data below, analyze the UIA potential. $ 5,000,000 118.63 117.76 Arbitrage funds available Spot rate (Â¥$) 180-day forward rate (Â¥$) Expected spot rate in 180 days (/$) U.S. dollar annual interest rate Japanese yen annual interest rate 118.00 4.805 % 3.403 % and invest in the higher yielding currency, the U.S. dollar , to potentially gain on an uncovered basis (UIA). (Round to three decimal places The UIA profit potential is – 334 %, which tells Takeshi Kamada that he should borrow yen and select from the drop-down menus.) If his expectations about the future spot rate, the one in effect in 180 days, prove correct, Takeshi Kamada generates an uncovered interest arbitrage (UIA) profit of Â¥. (Round to two decimal places.)


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