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Applying for an Internship with GameStop

GameStop found a niche in the market several years ago when it realized that people were willing to sell or trade in old video games, and were happy to buy used games. Its mission is to “provide a wide array of gaming, accessories and collectibles products. ”The company has been successful against lawsuits which claimed that only the original purchasers of game software were “licensed” to use the games, thus the games could not be re-sold. GameStop won that suit. The ups and downs of the market have caused the company’s stock to go wildly up then down. It’s modeled a little after stores that sell used DVDs of movies. GameStop has helped many get into video gaming at a far lower cost than buying new, and they have a loyal following.

Their marketing department is aggressive and takes advantage of any social media opportunity possible to extend the brand, develop brand loyalty, and to find customers.

The video gaming industry is huge, worldwide, and growing. The best and fastest computers are no longer designed for business, but for gamers. Even manufacturers of the main processing chips in computers now design their high-end products for gaming applications. Many universities now have degrees in gaming software development.

Your task:

You hope to be chosen to intern at GameStop, where you may be asked to help with a monthly e-letter that Samantha Jones, who is in charge of retail advertising, sends to customers, prospects and any lists she can find where the people on the list like to play video games or have children or grandchildren who do. You would likely to be assigned to the Social Media Team. They write tweets, create photo captions, and short news items about new games, vintage games, new equipment, and the players themselves.

To get this internship, you are to provide a one page writing sample that reflects your interest, your professional competency and your knowledge of the field of gaming. It should include your educational background, your career plans, and anything about you that could be relevant to video gaming or related computer skills. She wants you to explain why you wish to intern at GameStop, what you like about the company, and what you hope to learn.


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