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a) A transmission line is 20 m long and has a characteristic impedance Z0 = 50-j10 O at
particular frequency. Compute the input impedance, Zin terminated with load ZL= 40-j20
O. The attenuation and phase coefficient at this frequency are 0.1 dB/m and 0.05 rad/m
respectively (4 Marks)

b) Design a 50 O copper stripline transmission line, copper stripline conductor with thickness
of substrate, b = 0.27 cm, dielectric constant, er = 4.60, dielectric loss tangent (tan d) is
0.0016, conductor thickness of t = 0.0035 mm and surface resistance, Rs of 0.031 O.
Compute the width AND attenuation, dB/? of copper stripline transmission line at the
operating frequency is 10 GHz

(10 Marks)


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