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You look at data in the U.S. Treasurys
yield curve, (yes, The Wall Street Journal spells as
“Treasurys”) and find the following date embedded in the curve:

rate = 2.00%

rate = 2.50%

rate = 2.75%

rate = 3.25%

  1. (10 points) Using the Pure Expectations Theory (PET), what is
    the expected 1-year rate in one year?

  1. (10 points) What would PET expect the 1-year rate to be in
    three years?

  1. (20 points) If the Liquidity Premium to invest for two years
    instead of just for one year were 0.40%, and using the Liquidity
    Premium Hypothesis concepts, what would that theory’s expectation
    of the 1-year rate in one year be?


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