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Module2-2a. The following information is available for our MRP problem. The finished product is 6 pk of soft drink. The daily capacity of this operation will adequately handle any requirements at this point. Each 6 pk (A) is made of one Hi-cone (B), and 6 cans of soda (C). Each can of soda is made of one Closure (D), one Aluminum can (E), and 12 oz soda (F).
Please see Chapter 14 slides and practice it. Present inventory on hand is as follows (in millions):

Item Quantity on hand in mil. Lead time (days)
A: 6 pk assembly 4 1
B: hi-cone 2 5
C: 12 oz. Canned soda 12 1
D: closure, or cap 50 3
E: aluminum can 1 4
F: soda, oz 400 5

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) requirements for 6 pk assembler are as follows (in millions):
Periods [day]

A 6 pk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Quantity 2 4 3 1 5

The BOM structure shows that the operations have 4 level. (T/F)

The gross requirement for A in period 5 is 6. (T/F)

On hand inventory to A in period 6 is not 0. (T/F)

The gross requirement for B in period 7 is more than 3. (T/F)

The on hand inventory for C in period 8 is more than -1. (T/F)

The net requirement for D in period 10 is less than 4. (T/F)

The planned order release for B in period 4 is not 5. (T/F)

The net requirement for E is period 7 is 6. (T/F)

The gross requirement for F is period 8 is 30. (T/F)

The planned order receipts for D in period 7 is 0. (T/F)

planned order release for Part D in period 4 is not 4. (T/F)

planned order releases for Part C in period 6 is 18. (T/F)


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