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Unilever is highly successful in marketing its laundry products outside of the United States. The reason is it continually adapts to existing and emerging factors both within and across the countries where it does business. A stunning statistic is that *[e]very half hour 7 million people in the world wash their cloths with Unilever products, and 6 million of them do so by hand.” Below we touch on each of the seven global considerations as they relate to Unilever’s global strategy.^138 Cultural Homogeneity. In the global laundry market, heterogeneity, even within a country, can occur. For example, Brazil’s Northeast and Southeast regions are very different. One difference is that in the poorer Northeast region, most laundry is done by hand and more bar soap than powder is used. In the more affluent Southeast region, most laundry is done in a washing machine and more powder detergent is used than bar soap in the process. Needs. Hand washing versus machine washing leads to different laundry product needs. In addition, in developing countries that are an important focus for Unilever, products must be adapted to meet strength of cleaning needs related to removing sweat, odors, and tough stains due to physical labor. Affordability.Unilever is highly successful in marketing its lau


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