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List the key stock market anomalies and puzzles.

What explanations have been offered for momentum and long-term reversal?

What is post-earnings announcement drift? What explains it?

What is value premium? What explains it?

What is the equity premium puzzle? What explains it?

Discuss Shiller’s argument for excessive volatility.

What can possibly explain excessive volatility?

 What is a bubble?

 Discuss the following bubbles: Tulip bubble, the South Sea bubble, the Japanese stock market bubble, and the Internet bubble.

What are experimental bubble markets?

What lessons does the research in experimental markets provide?

Discuss the explanations for the four puzzling facts (long-term reversals, value premium, momentum, and post-earnings announcement drift) in terms of representativeness and conservatism, as provided by Nicholas Barberis, Andrei Shleifer, and Robert Vishny.

What are the utilitarian benefits, expressive benefits, and emotional benefits provided by investments?

Discuss the behavioural asset pricing model (BAPM). How does it differ from the CAPM?



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