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Case 1: Managerial Diversity in the United States by International of Cultural Misunderstanding? Firms: A Case Marubeni America Corp, the New York subsidiary of a large Japanese t rading company was looking to hire a salesperson for its textile unit. The companys ee dent told the human resources division in an e-mail that who has presi “I want a person As high IO. We prefer male and 25 to 30 years old. Asian, like Chinese, Japanese you know, in case of American person, once reach high income, working. This is my feelings. all of a sudden stop executives accuse the company of discriminating -Asians A suit by two Caucasian against Americans, non-Asian minorities, and women. The suit alleges that non are paid less and hired and promoted Asians. According the 200-worker company has no Africss frequenly than Asians. According to the suit, among its 121 top officers and managers, and just three black employee. one Hispanic The suit also excluding non- claims that weekly meetings were conducted in Japanese, effectively Japanese-speaking employees, and that some executives frequently ethnic slurs. This situation is becoming more multinationals settle in the United States. For instance, Mitsubishi common as a greater number of has been accused of in the United blatant sex discrimination and sexual harassment by Japanese managers States, and Sumimoto Shoji of America Inc. has been accused of favoring men, particularly Asian men, in promotion to executive ranks.


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