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Your firm works in construction and buys ASTM A325M8S bolts in very large numbers.

You are interested in purchasing bolts from different suppliers and have obtained and tested samples of 200 bolts from three suppliers: Allnutt, Boltzman, Coachers.

You have tested these in your new bolt testing machine, purchased after you had discovered your old bolt testing machine was performing erratically. (For the purposes of this question, you are safe to assume that the new machine works perfectly and that its results are in MPa.)

Your firm wants to ensure that the tensile strengths of the bolts it buys are

as high as possible

as consistent as possible (i.e., the variability of bolt strengths is as low as possible)

It is critical that the tensile strength of these bolts exceeds 830MPa.

On the basis of the measurements recorded in Bolts.csv, which supplier (if any) would you recommend, and why?
(Provide any code or visualisations you use to justify your response.)

Product Combustion efficiency
Automotive Excellence Injector 84%
Single Point Injection 66%
Continuous Injection 70%
Central Port Injection 76%
Multipoint Injection 77%
Direct Injection 88%


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