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The circuit shown in Fig. 1 is given in the time domain a. Draw the equivalent circuit in the frequency domain. b. Find the phasor current I e. Find the current it) 10-20 cos 300tv 05H 0.2 Fig. 1 2. Calculate the equivalent impedance seen at the open terminals of the network shown in Fig. 2 if f= 2 kHz. w 34000 Sun +10 Fig. 2 3. Evaluate and express the result in polar form [(2/30°) (5/-110º)|(1 + j2) 4. For the circuit shown in Fig. 3 a. Draw the frequency domain equivalent b. Employ nodal analysis to write the two phasor voltages equations. 3200 A 10 sa 30 Za so tam 4 2cm 200 A Fig. 3


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