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You have been employed as a Project Manager by your college Engineering Society to organize a flea market to raise funds to provide financial assistance for needy engineering students. The event will sell the recycled material was collected from the students, residents, and suppliers nearby the University. The recycled materials collected and sold should give monetary benefits and environmental awareness to the students. Participation in this flea market is open to all students and public where the product only can be purchased using two type of payment method which is through e-Wallet and coupons. The event will take place on 1st Jan 2022 in conjunction with New Year celebrations. You are required to organize all aspects of the event including booking the venue, marketing, invitation of vendors/sellers (profit-sharing based on sales), recycle material booth, food and beverage booths/kiosks, sponsorships, advertising, budgeting and coupon printing and sales

question: what can be mutually exclusive alternative to this project


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