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We have discussed merge sort in Programming Exercise 12–P19 (page 548). Write a MIPS assembly language program to implement the merge sort.


Exercise 12–P19


Merge sort is a technique to combine two sorted arrays. Merge sort takes two sorted input arrays X and Y—say, of size m and n—and produces a sorted array Z of size m + n that contains all elements of the two input arrays. The pseudocode of merge sort is as follows:

The merge sort algorithm scans the two input arrays while copying the smallest of the two elements from X and Y into Z. It updates indices appropriately. The first while loop terminates when one of the arrays is exhausted. Then the other array is copied into Z. Write a merge sort procedure and test it with two sorted arrays. Assume that the user will enter the two input arrays in sorted (ascending) order. The merge sort procedure receives the five parameters via the stack.




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