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WEIGHTED AVERAGE COST OF CAPITAL РP&G. Pe̱afiel and Godoy have an optimal capital structure that consists of 60% debt and 40% common equity. They expect to have $32,000,000 of new retained earnings available for investment for the next year.

• BONDS. Their investment bankers assure them that they could issue $18,000,000 (net of flotation costs) of $1000 face value bonds carrying a 10% coupon rate, paying semiannual interest, having a 10-year maturity, at a price of $1,150. Flotation costs for this issue would be $50 per bond. Bonds issued beyond $18,000,000 will have a flotation cost of $100 per bond, a price of $1,150, a 10% coupon rate, semiannual interest, and a 10-year maturity.

• COMMON STOCK. The current stock price is $60. The dividend paid yesterday was $9 per share. Dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 6%, forever. New shares of stock can be issued at $60 per share and flotation costs would be $3 per share.

• Peñafiel and Godoy have a corporate tax rate of 30%


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