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You have been following a 21-year-old female college volleyball player, who underwent an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction of the left knee 4 months ago. She now has full, pain-free ROM of the knee and 80% to 85% strength of left knee and hip musculature compared with the sound right lower extremity. Arthrometer measurements indicate that A-P stability of the operated knee is comparable to the sound side. However, her performance on a single step-down test reveals continued evidence of abnormal alignment of the operated lower extremity (excessive hip adduction, and internal rotation, knee valgus, and foot pronation). She has been given approval by her surgeon to return to intercollegiate play by 6 months postoperatively, following completion of an advanced training program individualized to her needs and goals.

â–  Develop an 8-week training program of advanced strengthening, balance, and plyometric drills for this patient. Identify specific exercises that would be included in each training session and how the exercises will be progressed over the 8-week period.

â–  In addition to exercises to enhance stability, control, and strength of the lower extremity, identify exercises that should be included to improve her upper extremity function.


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