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Make company profile for clothing company through their mission, vision, p,lans and goals.


Sew n’ Style allows people to style their own lives. We do not just conform to the pattern of trends but we design, craft, innovate, and provide best-value products to our valued customers. Our mission is to be the best mode of expression anyone can have and put to life how they want to be seen by the society.


We envision Sew n’ Style as the best and leading brand globally in the fashion industry that provides products at an affordable price without compromising the quality it serves to its valued customers.



To be well-known in the fashion industry by having the best designers in customizing according to customer’s own design and by designing company’s own designs.

Recruit talented designers, hire competent employees, conduct trainings and programs that could develop them into being the best that they could be.

Identify consumer trends

Execute market research for target customers.

Have a thorough analysis of what the competitors are offering and surpass it.

Finding reliable distributors

Be engaged with distributors with the best quality products at a justifiable price.

Establish a large market share and create good business-consumer relationships to earn the loyalty of the buyers with our products.

Conduct survey at least semi annually with regards to customer’s opinions in our product and evaluate it if would help the company grow, if yes, then apply it.

To be able to penetrate metro- cities and capture around 30% of clothing market-share in the said target market

Increased reliance to social media marketing and creative advertisements to be able to capture the public’s attention.

Smoothening of distribution channels to be able to reach customers from any part of the country.

Increase investment on research and development to be able to produce trendy fashion items in a reduced cost manner.

Gain control over retailers and distributors in metro-cities, forward integration.

To develop products that will generate high profit for the goal of returning the entire investment in a span of 2 years

Study business’ product life cycle and provide a long-term plan to avoid the declining stage.

Create more opportunities to gain profit in the current markets where the company has a market share and develop strategies to penetrate more markets.

Regular assessment if the market share is continuously improving.

Ensure that the products satisfy every participant in the market given the fact that the business offers a need to its market.

Focus on the benefit-cost ratio. Benefits must be always greater than the costs assumed.


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