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14.16 Choosing a Topic for an Oral Presentation (Objs. 1–5)

Your Task. Select a topic from the following list or from the report topics in the activities at the ends of Chapters 11 and 12. For an expanded list of report topics, go to the student premium site at and look under “Writing Resources.” Individually or as a team, prepare a five- to ten-minute oral presentation. Consider yourself an expert or a team of experts called in to explain some aspect of the topic before a group of interested people. Because your time is limited, prepare a concise yet forceful presentation with effective visual aids.

If this is a group presentation, form a team of three or four members and conduct thorough research on one of the following topics, as directed by your instructor. Follow the tips on team presentations in this chapter. Divide the tasks fairly, meet for discussions and rehearsals, and crown your achievement with a 15- to 20-minute presentation to your class. Make your multimedia presentation interesting and dynamic.


a. How can businesses benefit from Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook? Cite specific examples in your chosen field.

b. Which is financially more beneficial to a business, leasing or buying company cars?

c. Tablet computers and other devices are eroding the market share previously held by laptops and netbooks. Which brands are businesses embracing and why? Which features are a musthave for businesspeople?



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