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  • This assignment focuses on Exercise 1 on page 47 of the text. (page 52 in the 5thedition)
  • For the assignment, select an organization that you know well (perhaps a place where you have worked, or that you know through other means). In the written assignment, briefly describe the organization, what it does and its basic characteristics. Then apply the framework described in Compensation Notebook 2.1 (page 26…page 29 in the 5thedition; factors dealing with internal structure) and the framework described in Compensation Notebook 2.2 (page 39…page 43 in the 5thedition; factors dealing with organizational context) to determine the most appropriate managerial strategy for the organization (Classical, Human Relations or High-Involvement Strategy). Describe and discuss your analysis of managerial strategy in some detail. In your opinion does your suggested strategy match the managerial strategy actually in use? Explain. Does the organization’s reward system match its managerial strategy? Discuss. If the reward approach does not match its strategy, provide some advice to the organization.
  • Your paper should be in the area of 5 pages (give or take) and single-spaced


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