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A competent manager will always lead an organization to the best. If the manager is horrible or even worst he will only bring big destruction to the organisation (Shirazi & Mortazavi, 2009). Management performance is directly linked to organisational effectiveness as the organisation’s long-term survival (Shirazi & Mortazavi, 2009). The better the manager is the longer the organisation will survive. Then as a big part of a company or organization, a manager’s complicity is truly important to determine the company’s goals of competence (Medina & Medina, 2014). If the company doesn’t have a manager like that, they will not have any clear purpose and it can be said that the company will be broken soon. However, in a company, there is also the employee who is playing important role in it. Both of them need to need to help each other to gain company’s goal (Martini et al., 2018). Therefore, company or organization need competent and capable people inside it due to they will bring organisation’s long term and the biggest goal.


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